Support Our Students

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Support Our Students

The financial and intellectual commitment of our corporate and individual supporters empowers the Division to prepare leaders for today's global environment.  Our corporate and individual supporters make it possible for our students to develop leadership and analytical skills on campus and firsthand in companies; and for our faculty members to connect with companies to exchange knowledge that informs economics and business research.  Our corporate supporters gain a strategic competitive advantage by investing in the Division’s distinctive education which produces a pipeline of top talent.

The cornerstones of the Division's new approach to economics and business education are the development of a new and up-to-date curriculum, acting on compelling research initiatives, and pursuing multidisciplinary collaborations. Our supporters can play a critical role in these directions by supporting a general fund for the Division’s top priorities – a primary source of support for all the division’s initiatives.  By investing in the Division’s top priorities you will be recognized as an important friend and proponent of our mission to produce graduates and scholarship of international distinction.

How to support the Division
The Division of Economics and Business appreciates donations and gifts from alumni, friends of the department, and the corporate sector. Many of our programs and research initiatives are enhanced by the funds we receive from outside donors. These donations allow the Division to provide more services to our students, including:

  • fellowships for graduate students
  • opportunity for students to attend professional conferences
  • upgrades to student computing facilities
  • support activities such as special teaching and educational needs
  • enhance our efforts in the area of economics and business research
  • provide a mechanism to support interdisciplinary/collaborative activities  

There are many ways to show your support for the Division of Economics & Business.  When exploring how best you might support the division, please consider donating to the Division of Economics & Business Alumni and Friends Fund.  For additional information please contact Michael R. Walls, Division Director at, or 303-273-3492.

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