Executive Education/Short Courses

The Division of Economics & Business can work closely with your company to develop a customized program of analytical, economic, and business techniques that enable your firm to develop strategic solutions to your business challenges. The EB faculty’s expertise includes, but is not limited to the areas of:

  • energy and mineral economics
  • technology and innovation management
  • asset valuation 
  • strategic decision making
  • risk management
  • optimization techniques.

Our major areas of research are related to the earth, energy, and the environment; however, the faculty areas of expertise provide a broad set of tools and techniques for customizing a program that fits a company’s needs in a wide variety of industries.

Our partnerships and collaborations with senior executives are structured to assure relevance and maximum impact. Programs can be designed to include a combination of highly interactive classroom sessions, case discussions, small group exercises, and electronically mediated tools to encourage participants to think analytically and strategically to improve the quality of decision making within your firm.  Our faculty can collaborate with your firm to:

(1) identify learning goals and objectives;
(2) custom design your course including format, number of days, and communication with participants;
(3) deliver an educational product that meets your needs and advances the participants’ skill set;
(4) provide follow-up and evaluation.

For more information about customized executive education, please contact Kathleen Martin, Program Assistant, at kmartin@mines.edu

Faculty Short Courses
Below is a list of some of the upcoming short courses offered by the Division of Economics and Business faculty members. We hope you will be able to attend a seminar in the future. Please contact the faculty member directly for more information.

  • Using Dynamic DCF and Real Options to Value and Manage Mining and Petroleum Projects
    Presented by Dr. Graham Davis
  • Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods
    Presented by John Stermole and Frank Stermole

More information on all short courses can be found at: http://www.csmspace.com/static/shortcourses.html.

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