Meet Zach Tanner



“I’ve been here for six years. I’ve experienced plenty of triumph and tragedy. My advice, if people are willing to listen, boils down to this: don’t worry about the clockwork ticking on in other people’s minds. Focus on doing something you love, or something that will help you achieve your goals – it’s so much more important than impressing people or trying to check off boxes. It took me years to truly realize I wanted my degree to be a stepping stone into an entirely different career, rather than an end in and of itself.

Ultimately, I want to serve in federal law enforcement; although I think I’ll stay in Denver and start as a local police officer. I know this is an avenue where I can make a positive difference in people’s lives. We all have our differences, and yet we live out those differences right next to each other in the same communities – I think protecting those communities is one of the best things I could do. And I believe the patience (after all these years) and critical thinking I’ve learned at Mines will help me in this endeavor.”

Zach Tanner
BS Economics
Class of 2018


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